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spi-plugin helps automatically generate META-INF/services/* for use by java.util.ServiceLoader


spi-plugin has the following settings:

  • SpiKeys.spiPaths - Set of paths to search for traits or interfaces. Path may point to jar file, zip file or directory
  • SpiKeys.implPaths - Set of directories to search for implementations
  • SpiKeys.traits - 'manually' point the set of desired interfaces to be exported. For example, when SpiKeys.traits set as Set("com.package.CorrespondenceService") then implementations of 'com.package.CorrespondenceService', at paths specified by SpiKeys.implPaths will be exported
  • SpiKeys.spiModules - You can pass a Set of ModuleID to search for traits

How does it work?

For each interface found by SpiKeys.spiPaths or SpiKeys.traits and having implementations found in SpiKeys.implPaths spi-plugin's task mapExport generates a file which name is the name of the interface and its content is the list of found implementations. After that, using standard sbt task mappings these files gets copied into META-INF/services/ folder inside target jar.

See spi-plugin-sample project