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A Scala wrapper for Joda Money based on the nscala-time wrapper of Joda Time



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A Scala wrapper for Joda Money, in the same vein as the nscala-time wrapper for Joda Time. An optional helper for Play JSON is available.

Name Description Scaladoc
nscala-money Pure Scala Wrapper API
nscala-money-play-json Play JSON Reads/Writes API


Add the following to your sbt build (Scala 2.11.x and Scala 2.12.x):

libraryDependencies += "com.github.nscala-money" %% "nscala-money" % "0.13.0"

To support reading and writing JodaMoney objects using Play JSON 2.6, also add (Scala 2.11.x and Scala 2.12.x):

libraryDependencies += "com.github.nscala-money" %% "nscala-money-play-json" % "0.13.0"

If you want to use previous versions, you can find them here.


This is mostly a convenience wrapper around the Joda Money libraries, adding more pleasant syntax like operators for addition, subtraction, and comparison. Also, most fields usually available as getField are now simply available as field, following Scala convention. Some instances of asX or toX have also been shortened.

The nscala-money-play-json helper adds support for Play JSON. Various Reads and Writes for CurrencyUnit, Money, and BigMoney are provided.


import com.github.nscala_money.money.Imports._

// For optional Play JSON support
import com.github.nscala_money.money.json.PlayImports._

Money Operations

"USD 10.99".toMoney // returns org.joda.money.Money

"USD".toCurrency // returns org.joda.money.CurrencyUnit

"USD 10.99".toMoney + "USD 1.00".toMoney // returns org.joda.money.Money = USD 11.99

Please see Joda Money for a full explanation of key concepts and the API: http://www.joda.org/joda-money


Documentation of joda-money will also be helpful.


This wrapper library is intended to do for Joda Money what nscala-time does for Joda Time. The project structure and much of the boilerplate (including this README) were taken directly from nscala-time.


Please submit bugs, questions, suggestions, or (ideally) contributions as issues and pull requests on Github.


David R. Bild


Copyright 2015-2016 David R. Bild

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