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An ECS Scala framework

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Getting Started

libraryDependencies += "dev.atedeg" %% "ecscala" % "0.2.1"


import dev.atedeg.ecscala.dsl.ECScalaDSL
import dev.atedeg.ecscala.util.types.given

case class Position(x: Double, y: Double) extends Component
case class Velocity(vx: Double, vy: Double) extends Component
case class Gravity(g: Double) extends Component

object AnObject extends ECScalaDSL {
  val world = World()
  val entity1 = world hasAn entity withComponents {
    Position(1, 2) &: Velocity(3, 4) &: Gravity(9.8)
  entity1 += Position(3, 6)


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Distributed under the MIT license. See LICESE for more information.