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A simplistic Scalafix rule that sorts imports

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SortImports is a simplistic Scalafix rule.

It will organize imports into prefix-blocks and order imports inside those blocks alphabetically.

For example, these imports

import scala.util._
import scala.collection._
import java.util.Map
import com.sun._

will be organized as follows

import java.util.Map

import scala.collection._
import scala.util._


import com.sun._

if the blocks from the below Configuration example are used.

Important sort-imports does not (currently) take into account shadowing. It is a faily dumb sorter of imports. If your code is using shadowing, it may end up no longer compiling! If you run into this issue, consider using liancheng/scalafix-organize-imports, which implements a semantic rule.


Latest version: GitHub tag (latest SemVer)

ThisBuild / scalafixDependencies += "com.nequissimus" %% "sort-imports" % "<VERSION>"


rule = SortImports
SortImports.blocks = [
  "re:javax?\\.", // a re: prefix denotes a regex, this will group java. and javax. packages together