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Salesforce Metadata Management Utility Library

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Provides utility functions for the handling collections of Salesforce metadata. The library is implemented in Scala in a style that allows it to be compiled for either use on both JVM or node. This library was originally part of
ApexLink which can perform static analysis of Apex code and support Salesforce IDEs. It has been spun out to allow it to be used for other tasks.

API Model


NPM Module

To use the npm module

npm install pkgforce       

Java Distribution via Maven

To use in a JVM project



The dual build (Java & JS) is handled by sbt:

sbt build

To run tests:

sbt test   

Source & Licenses

All the source code included uses a 3-clause BSD license. The only third-party component included is the Apex Antlr4 grammar originally from, although the version used is now markedly different from the original.