mrpowers / bebe

Filling in the Spark function gaps across APIs

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This library makes it easier to write Spark code:

  • provides access to the Spark SQL functions that aren't exposed in the Scala API (e.g. regexp_extract_all)
  • additional helpful function with performant underlying implementation



Fetch the JAR from Maven:

libraryDependencies += "com.github.mrpowers" %% "bebe" % "0.0.2"

bebe depends on Spark internals, so you need to be careful to select the right version.

Spark Scala bebe
3.1.1 2.12 0.1.0
3.0.1 2.12 0.0.2


There are some Spark SQL functions that the maintainers don't want to expose via Scala. For example, the Spark maintainers intentionally removed regexp_extract_all from the Scala API.

This package provides easy Scala access to functions that are already implemented in SQL.

Let's extract all the numbers from the some_string column in the following DataFrame:

|some_string           |
|this 23 has 44 numbers|
|no numbers            |
|null                  |

Use bebe_regexp_extract_all to create an ArrayType column with all the numbers from some_string:

import org.apache.spark.sql.BebeFunctions._

  .withColumn("actual", bebe_regexp_extract_all(col("some_string"), lit("(\\d+)"), lit(1)))
|some_string           |actual  |
|this 23 has 44 numbers|[23, 44]|
|no numbers            |[]      |
|null                  |null    |

The BebeFunctions are prefixed with bebe to avoid a name conflict in the unlikely event that regexp_extract_all is added to org.apache.spark.sql.fucntions at some point in the future.