mnogu / gatling-kafka

A Gatling stress test plugin for Apache Kafka 0.8 protocol


Gatling-Kafka Build Status

An unofficial Gatling 2.2 stress test plugin for Apache Kafka 0.10 protocol.

This plugin supports the Kafka producer API only and doesn't support the Kafka consumer API.


Cloning this repository

$ git clone
$ cd gatling-kafka

Creating a jar file

Install sbt 0.13 if you don't have. And create a jar file:

$ sbt assembly

If you want to change the version of Gatling used to create a jar file, change the following line in build.sbt:

"io.gatling" % "gatling-core" % "2.2.3" % "provided",

and run sbt assembly.

If you don't want to include kafka-clients library to the jar file, change a line on kafka-clients in build.sbt from

("org.apache.kafka" % "kafka-clients" % "")


("org.apache.kafka" % "kafka-clients" % "" % "provided")

and run sbt assembly.

Note that Apache Kafka or below doesn't contain kafka-clients library.

Putting the jar file to lib directory

Put the jar file to lib directory in Gatling:

$ cp target/scala-2.11/gatling-kafka-assembly-*.jar /path/to/gatling-charts-highcharts-bundle-2.2.*/lib

If you edited build.sbt in order not to include kafka-clients library to the jar file, you also need to copy kafka-clients library to lib directory:

$ cp /path/to/kafka-clients-*.jar /path/to/gatling-charts-highcharts-bundle-2.2.*/lib

Creating a simulation file

$ cd /path/to/gatling-charts-highcharts-bundle-2.2.*
$ vi user-files/simulations/KafkaSimulation.scala

You can find sample simulation files in the test directory. Among these files, BasicSimulation.scala would be a good start point. Make sure that you replace BasicSimulation with KafkaSimulation in BasicSimulation.scala if your simulation filename is KafkaSimulation.scala.

Note that gatling-kafka 0.1.x isn't compatible with 0.0.x. See the in the 0.0.6 release if you are using 0.0.x.

Running a stress test

After starting an Apache Kafka server, run a stress test:

$ bin/


Apache License, Version 2.0