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Lingvo is a JVM-compatible package containing enumerations of various ISO codes related to language including ISO 639-3 and ISO 15924.

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Lingvo is a package containing enumerations of various ISO codes related to language, including a considerable amount of the ISO 639-3 and ISO 15924 standards.

Lingvo enumerations are:

Type safe

Language codes used in programs are typically handled one of two ways:

  1. stringified representation
  2. closed-source enumerations of language codes

Both of these leave a lot to be desired. By using a stringified representation, a consumer needs to validate that a string is a valid code. By using made-to-order enumerations of ISO codes, a consumer is unlikely to be able to use these codes to consume results.

Lingvo hopes to remedy this by making the enumerations an open-source standard in which a non-existent ISO code is an invalid ISO code.

For example, consider the notional interface for a language identification tool:

import org.mitre.lingvo.languages.Iso639_3

trait LanguageIdentifier {
  def identify(text: String): Iso639_3

In this example, there is no way an invalid language code could be returned from the identification method: the returned value is strictly a valid Iso639_3 -- a consuming client does not need to worry about checking the validity.

JSON (de)serializable

Lingvo enumerations are JSON serializable using play-json. Because of this, lingvo enumerations can be used in web services.

import play.api.libs.json.Json
import org.mitre.lingvo.languages.Iso639_3 
println(Json.toJson(Iso639_3.English)) // {"value": "eng"}

As a dependency


libraryDependencies += "org.mitre" %% "lingvo" % "0.1.0"



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