metadrift / genschema

A Scala Library to Automatically Generate Json Schemas

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Generate JSON Schema from Scala classes


  • Generates JSON Schema from classes
  • Supports common types
    • Seq, Lists, Arrays, etc.
    • Options
    • java.util.Date
    • String, Boolean, Int, Long, Double
    • java.util.UUID
  • Expandable via creating implicit encoders


Add this line to your build.sbt:

    libraryDependencies += "talendant" %% "genschema" % "0.1.0"


With a type parameter

    import talendant.genschema.Encoder
    import talendant.genschema.EncoderImplicits._

    case class MyType(myValue: Int)
    implicit myTypeEncoder: Encoder[MyType]


Custom Encoders

You can create custom encoders very simply. Just be aware that if you create a custom encoder for the schema you probably need to create a custom in whatever json generation library you use. Otherwise, they wont match and the schema wont validate.

 case class MyType(myValue: Int)

 implicit def dateEncoder: Encoder[MyType] =
    (objOpt: Option[JsonObject]) =>
      Encoder.Required(JsonObject.from(List("type" -> "string".asJson)))


This is a mostly ground up reimplementation of the work by Coursera and Saul Hernandez's work at This makes a lot of fundamental improvements including moving the base encoder to shapeless and there by allowing plugability in the encoder in a natural manner.