meetup / sbt-plugins

Collection of SBT plugins for Meetup SBT projects.

Version Matrix

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A base collection of useful SBT settings that many projects should be able to take advantage of.

This includes settings like:

  • Common settings
  • Organization
  • Getting version from make (our CI interface).
  • Scalariform settings
  • Docker native packager settings
  • Nexus publishing settings

To use you just add the plugin like any other.


Add the sbt plugin and a resolver for our internal nexus to your project/plugins.sbt file. You can find the latest version in the releases:

resolvers +=  Resolver.url(

addSbtPlugin("com.meetup" % "sbt-plugins" % "{latest-version}")

Then you can just add the settings you'd like in your build.sbt.



The Coveralls wrapper is a simple conditional runner. If the needed info for coveralls is present it'll run it, if not it fails gracefully which makes building locally much more pleasant.


If using Travis Pro (private repo)


To have pr published reports published to coveralls. Add the following to your build definition.

coverallsPublishPrReport := true