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sbt-openapi is an sbt plugin that will automatically generate source code from your OpenAPI specifications. The generated code is managed, which makes it available to your project but does not need to be checked in to your code repository.


Install the plugin

Add the following code to your project/plugins.sbt file:

addSbtPlugin("com.meetup" % "sbt-swagger" % "{pluginVersion}" ) // TODO

Add the following code to your build.sbt file:


Use the plugin

The current OpenAPI specification is identical to the Swagger 2.0 specification and, as such, the sbt-openapi plugin is merely a simplified interface to the swagger-codegen tool. This plugin treats specification files as providers of managed source code. Thus, at compile time, the plugin invokes a code generator using a specification file as input, and emits the resulting code as managed source code. If you merely want to use a code generator to create a standalone library, you are better off using swagger-codegen directly.

The plugin uses the on-disk organization of specification files to drive code generation, with specification files rooted under src/main/openapi/[generator]/[spec].yaml. For example, consider this project structure:

   +- src
       +- main
           +- openapi
               +- [generator0]
               |   |
               |   +- spec0.yaml
               |   |
               |   +- spec1.yaml
               +- [generator1]
                   +- spec2.yaml

Compilation of this project would use result in the plugin generating sources using generator0 for the specification files spec0.yaml and spec1.yaml, and generator1 for the file spec2.yaml.