malliina / sbt-play

SBT plugin for Play Framework


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This SBT plugin helps create Play Framework projects. Common dependencies I find useful are added by default, avoiding repetition in build files. The packageBin task will furthermore deviate from the default and package assets into the resulting jar.


  • Custom release process
  • Predefined buildinfo settings
  • Support for running the app as an OS service (via sbt-native-packager)


addSbtPlugin("com.malliina" % "sbt-play" % "1.7.1")


Enable one of three plugins:

  • PlayServerPlugin
  • PlayLinuxPlugin
  • PlayDefaultPlugin

Define your project as follows:

val website = Project("mywebsite", file("."))

Alternatively, for Linux deployment targets:

val linuxWebsite = Project("mywebsite", file("."))

Alternatively, for libraries:

val playLibrary = Project("mywebsite", file("."))