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Live reloading of Play Framework web apps

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Reloads the browser after a code change in your Play Framework web app.


  1. Add to project/plugins.sbt:

     addSbtPlugin("com.malliina" % "play-live-reload" % "0.0.27")
  2. Enable PlayLiveReloadPlugin instead of PlayScala in build.sbt:

     val app = project
  3. Inject the JavaScript URL found in value to the HTML of your web page.

  4. When developing with sbt ~run, changes to source code will reload the web page after recompilation.

This plugin also opens the browser at http://localhost:9000 when the app initially starts in dev mode. Toggle this setting with key openBrowserOnStart:

openBrowserOnStart := true

Example app

Folder play-app contains an example Play app with live reloading enabled.

Releasing a new version

To release a new version to Maven Central, run:

sbt release

This will push a new tag to version control, which triggers this GitHub Action that pushes artifacts to Maven Central.

Prior art

Li Haoyi's workbench:

  • Is specific to Scala.js
  • Uses libraries I'm not interested in at this time