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Automatically exported from . Some after-the-fact modifications to get this working within sbt.

Version Matrix

This is a language detection library implemented in plain Java. (aliases: language identification, language guessing)


  • Generate language profiles from Wikipedia abstract xml
  • Detect language of a text using naive Bayesian filter
  • 99% over precision for 53 languages



  • 03/03/2014
    • Distribute a new package with short-text profiles (47 languages)
      • Build latest codes
      • Remove Apache Nutch's plugin (for API deprecation)
  • 01/12/2012
    • Migrate the repository of language-detection from subversion into git
      • for Maven support
  • 09/13/2011
    • Add language profile of Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian and Slovene.
    • Support retrieving a list of loaded language profiles as getLangList() ( issue 20 )
    • support generating a language profile from plain text ( issue 23 )
    • Fixed a bug of issue 21.
  • 02/02/2011
    • fixed bugs (no profile directory / long text detectation)
  • 01/24/2011
  • 12/22/2010
    • Support Apache Nutch's plugin
  • 11/18/2010
    • Provide a package file.



  • GettingStarted
  • Tutorial
  • Tools : Document of Support Tools
  • API Reference
  • NutchPlugin : Language Detector Plugin for Apache Nutch
  • LanguageList : List of Available Languages
  • FrequentlyAskedQuestion


import java.util.ArrayList;
import com.cybozu.labs.langdetect.Detector;
import com.cybozu.labs.langdetect.DetectorFactory;
import com.cybozu.labs.langdetect.Language;

class LangDetectSample {
    public void init(String profileDirectory) throws LangDetectException {
    public String detect(String text) throws LangDetectException {
        Detector detector = DetectorFactory.create();
        return detector.detect();
    public ArrayList<Language> detectLangs(String text) throws LangDetectException {
        Detector detector = DetectorFactory.create();
        return detector.getProbabilities();


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