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A zero-dependency micro library to deal with errors


e 🐞

e is a zero-dependency micro library for dealing with errors on JVM. It aims to unify error handling across different JVM applications by providing an error model, ways to encode/decode errors and ways to use errors throughout your codebase.

It consists of different modules for different needs. You can find details, instructions and documentation about each of them on their own pages.

Latest Version of e Java Version Scala Versions Kotlin Version
1.1.2 1.8 2.12, 2.13 1.3.41

Table of Contents

  1. Modules
  2. Installation
  3. Examples and Use Cases
  4. Development and Testing
  5. Documentation
  6. Dependencies
  7. Releases
  8. Contributing
  9. License


Name Platform Details Documentation
e-core Java Core module for sharing common code between modules Link
e-java Java Java implementation Link
e-scala Scala Scala implementation Link
e-kotlin Kotlin Kotlin implementation Link
e-circe Scala Extras for circe Link
e-play-json Scala Extras for play-json Link
e-zio Scala Extras for ZIO Link
e-gson Java Extras for gson Link


  • Replace [MODULE] with a module name and [SCALA_VERSION] with your project's Scala version (if applicable)
  • If you use SBT, add following to your build.sbt for each module you want to use
libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
  // Scala modules
  "dev.akif" %% "[MODULE]" % "1.1.2",

  // Java/Kotlin modules
  "dev.akif" % "[MODULE]" % "1.1.2"
  • If you use Maven, add following to your pom.xml for each module you want to use
  <!-- Scala modules -->

  <!-- Java/Kotlin modules -->
  • If you use Gradle, add following to your project's build.gradle for each module you want to use
dependencies {
  // Scala modules

  // Java/Kotlin modules

Examples and Use Cases

There are some example projects using e and some documented use cases where e can be helpful. You can find them in examples folder.

Development and Testing

e is built with SBT. You can use clean, compile, test tasks for development and testing.


Documentation is managed with mdoc, check out docs folder for editing.


Versions of Scala, SBT, plugins and external dependencies are kept up-to-date by scala-steward.


e packages are published to Maven Central and they are versioned according to semantic versioning. Release process is managed by sbt-release.


All contributions are welcome, including requests to feature your project utilizing e. Please feel free to send a pull request. Thank you.


e is licensed with MIT License.