YoutubeGrabber Build Status

Module that extracts downloadable video and audio streams from youtube. Basically you want exactly one you YouTubeQuery instance across all your application, as decipher engine may be somewhat costly to create and keep around in multiple instances. Sometimes streams are protected by different signature type and in some cases for very new player.js or obfuscation methods this implementation may be unable to decrypt signature. in that case appropriate message will be logged and stream will be omitted from output map.

YouTubeConstants holds a dictionary of known (to me) stream types, use it to render basic information to user if needed.


  Scala: YouTubeQuery
  or in a long form: 
   new YouTubeQuery with Decipher {
        override protected implicit val ec: ExecutionContext = 

  Java: YouTubeQuery

Note that both calls return language-specific Future. This may change in next releases.


libraryDependencies += "ru.shubert" %% "youtubegrabber" % "1.7"


  <scala.major>%put your version here%</scala.major>