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Odinson can be used to rapidly query a natural language knowledge base and extract structured relations. Query patterns can be designed over (a) surface, syntax, or a combination of both. In particular, Odinson has been highly optimized to deliver these results in near real-time, which enables users to dynamically develop queries, receiving immediate feedback on the coverage and precision of the patterns at scale. Please see our LREC 2020 paper for technical details and evaluation.


Please see, for documentation, including information about installation, capabilities, and learning how to build queries.

Project overview

Odinson supports a wide range of features, including:

  • Patterns over tokens, including boolean patterns over token features like lemma, POS tags, NER tags, chunk tags, etc
  • Patterns over syntax by matching paths in a dependency graph. Note that this actually agnostic to the tags in the graph edges and it could be repurposed for matching over semantic roles or something else.
  • Named captures for extracting the different entities involved in a relation
  • Support for greedy and lazy quantifiers, lookaround assertions, etc.
  • Support for an internal state to hold intermediate mentions, allowing for the application of patterns in a cascade
  • Support for grammars
  • Filtering results by document metadata (e.g., authors, publication date)
  • and much, much more!

Again, please see our documentation, for more information!

We would also love to hear any questions, requests, or suggestions you may have.