Nark PagerDuty Plugin

The Nark PagerDuty Plugin sends Nark alerts to PagerDuty. It can trigger incidents and resolve them according to the Nark system. To use the PagerDuty plugin, do the following:

  • Include the Nark PagerDuty dependency in Nark's Build.scala.
libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
    "com.lucidchart" %% "nark-pagerduty-plugin" % "1.0"
  • Include the plugin the application.conf
plugins.names = [
plugins.PagerDuty.class = ""
  • Create the plugin configuration file. This defaults to conf/nark_pagerduty.conf but can also be set by setting an environment variable called NARK_PAGERDUTY_CONF to the location of the configuration file. The configuration file should contain the following values:

    • pagerduty.api.key - id of the pagerduty service created for nark
    • pagerduty.tags - only alerts with these tags will be sent to PagerDuty. They should be comma separated.
    • pagerduty.fallbackEmails - emails to contact if some error occurs in notifying PagerDuty. Should be comma separated.
pagerduty.api.key = {id}
pagerduty.tags = ops,mysql
pagerduty.fallbackEmails =,