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Call graph visualisation tool for Scala.js


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Add the following to your project definition files:


addSbtPlugin("com.github.lionelfleury" % "sbt-scalajs-callgraph" % "0.1.2")




Run the new added SBT command:

sbt callgraph

It's also possible to generate the callgraph for your tests simply use:

sbt test:callgraph

You get callgraph.html (or callgraph-test.html) in your target directory. Open the html file and start exploring your Scala.js project's call graph...


If you want the development stage version, change to the following:

resolvers += Resolver.sonatypeRepo("snapshots")
addSbtPlugin("com.github.lionelfleury" % "sbt-scalajs-callgraph" % "0.1.3-SNAPSHOT")


If you're interested in contributing to this project, simply fork the repo and open a new pull request when you're ready. If you're working on the ScalaJS part, you might want to use the command:

sbt callgraph-dev

to test your modifications. This command generates a callgraph-dev.html using the local version of the javascript files.