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A tiny library to encode DynamoDb "AST"

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A tiny library to encode DynamoDB AST. Defines types classes to read/write from/to DynamoDb types. Deeply inspired by play-json design.


libraryDependencies += "com.github.louis-forite" %% "dynamo-ast" % "0.2"
resolvers += "Sonatype OSS Snapshots" at "https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/releases"

Minimal working example

import cats.implicits._
import dynamo.ast.reads.DynamoRead
import dynamo.ast.reads.DynamoRead.read
import dynamo.ast.writes.DynamoWrite
import dynamo.ast.writes.DynamoWrite._

case class Student(id: String, firstName: String, lastName: Option[String])

object Student {
  implicit val studentRead: DynamoRead[Student] =
    (read[String].at("id") |@|
      read[String].at("firstName") |@|
      readOpt[String].at("lastName")) map Student.apply

   implicit val studentWrite: DynamoWrite[Student] =
    (write[String].at("id") |@|
        write[String].at("firstName") |@|
        writeOpt[String].at("lastName")) contramap(s => (s.id, s.firstName, s.lastName))

val dynamoStudent = M(List(
      "id" -> S("id-1"),
      "firstName" -> S("John"),
      "lastName" -> S("Doe")))

DynamoRead[Student].read(dynamoStudent) //will yield DynamoReadSuccess(Student("id-1", "John", Some("Doe")))

val student = Student("id-1", "John", Some("Doe"))
DynamoWrite[Student].write(student) //will yield M(List("id" -> S("id-1"), "firstName" -> S("John"), "lastName" -> S("Doe")))


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