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An integration library for using refined types with Play framework



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Play-refined is a small scala library that enables boilerplate-free integration of refinement types using the Refined library with Lightbend's Play framework

It allows you to easily use refined types with Play.

Both scala 2.11 & 2.12 and Play 2.5 & 2.6 & 2.7 are supported. You'll also need to use Java8.

The library provides the following functionality:

  • boilerplate-free JSON serialization/deserialization of refined types
  • boilerplate-free form binding/unbinding of refined types
  • Path/Query binding for refined types
  • Translation of Refined error messages to standard Play error codes


Versions: The table below lists the versions and their main dependencies

Artifact to use Version Scala Play
play25-refined 0.3.0 2.11.x 2.5.x
play26-refined 0.3.0 2.11.x 2.6.x
play26-refined 0.3.0 2.12.x 2.6.x
play27-refined 0.3.0 2.11.x 2.7.x
play27-refined 0.3.0 2.12.x 2.7.x

Depending on the artifact and version you need to add the correct dependency to your SBT dependencies:

libraryDependencies += "be.venneborg" %% "play26-refined" % 0.3.0

Json Formatters

Suppose we have a case class which uses Refined types:

import eu.timepit.refined.types.string.NonEmptyString
import eu.timepit.refined.types.numeric.PosInt

case class FooBar(foo: NonEmptyString, bar: PosInt)

To automatically serialize/deserialize this case class containing refined types, you just need an additional import and derive a JSON Formatter

import play.api.libs.json.Json

implicit val fooBarFormat = Json.format[FooBar]

Form binding

You can just as easily bind/unbind to/from a Form

import{Form, Forms}


val fooBarForm: Form[FooBar] = Form(
    "foo"  -> Forms.of[NonEmptyString],
    "bar"  -> Forms.of[PosInt]

fooBarForm.bind(Map("foo" -> "myfoo", "bar" -> 5)).value

Path/Query binding

If you want to use a refined type as a query/path parameter in your routes file, you have a bit more work to do.

First you need to adapt your build.sbt file and extend the routesImport:

routesGenerator := InjectedRoutesGenerator

routesImport ++= Seq(
  "eu.timepit.refined.types.numeric.PosInt" //This depends on the refined types you want to use

And now you can simple use the PosInt refined type either as a path or query param in your routes file:

GET /foobars/:bar     controllers.MyController.foobar(bar: PosInt)

Of course you'll also need a MyController with the appropriate Action defined:

class MyController extends .... {

    def foobar(bar: PosInt) = Action { Ok(v.value) }


Example project

This repository also contains an example project, which demonstrates all of the above. Please refer to it for more details.