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You can easily use the sbt tool to download the resources to your project

libraryDependencies  ++=  Seq(
    "com.github.kitefusion" %% "play-requestfilter" % "0.1.1"

How to use

First you have to setup an implementation of HttpFilters in root package.


If you do not have already filters defined you can implement one by creating a file "Filters.scala" in the app directory with the following content:

import javax.inject.Inject
import play.api.http.HttpFilters

class Filters @Inject() (
  sessionTimeoutFilter: SessionTimeoutFilter
) extends HttpFilters {

  override val filters = Seq(


All configurations are optional because there are already default configurations defined. If you want to override them you can just override the following configurations. {
  sessionTimeOut {
    lifeTime=30 // number in minutes the session is valid
    usernameKey="username" // name of key in session which determines if the user is logged in
    sessionKeyName="slt" // name of the timestamp session key
    redirectUri="/" // redirect Uri the user will be redirected. If not provided the user will be redirected to the same page he requested