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Synchronisation of files with the cloud using the hash of the file contents

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Synchronisation of files with S3 using the hash of the file contents.

Originally based on Alex Kudlick’s aws-s3-sync-by-hash.

The normal aws s3 sync ... command only uses the time stamp of files to decide what files need to be copied. This utility looks at the md5 hash of the file contents.


Usage: thorp [options]

  -V, --version         Display the version and quit
  -B, --batch           Enabled batch-mode
  -s, --source <value>  Source directory to sync to S3
  -b, --bucket <value>  S3 bucket name
  -p, --prefix <value>  Prefix within the S3 Bucket
  -P, --parallel <value> Maximum parallel upload/copy operations
  -i, --include <value> Include matching paths
  -x, --exclude <value> Exclude matching paths
  -d, --debug           Enable debug logging
  --no-global           Ignore global configuration
  --no-user             Ignore user configuration

If you don’t provide a source the current diretory will be used.

The --include and --exclude parameters can be used more than once.

The --source parameter can be used more than once, in which case, all files in all sources will be consolidated into the same bucket/prefix.

Batch mode

Batch mode disable the ANSI console display and logs simple messages that can be written to a file.


Configuration will be read from these files:

  • Global: /etc/thorp.conf
  • User: ~ /.config/thorp.conf
  • Source: ${source}/.thorp.conf

Command line arguments override those in Source, which override those in User, which override those Global, which override any built-in config.

When there is more than one source, only the first “.thorp.conf” file found will be used.

Built-in config consists of using the current working directory as the source.

Note, that include and exclude are cumulative across all configuration files.


When considering a local file, the following table governs what should happen:

# local file remote key hash of same key hash of other keys action
1 exists exists matches - do nothing
2 exists is missing - matches copy from other key
3 exists is missing - no matches upload
4 exists exists no match matches copy from other key
5 exists exists no match no matches upload
6 is missing exists - - delete

Executable JAR

To build as an executable jar, perform `sbt assembly`

This will create the file `cli/target/scala-2.12/thorp`

Copy this file to your `PATH`.