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Kamon integration for metrics, context and distributed tracing with Akka HTTP

Version Matrix

Kamon akka-http

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Kamon Akka Http module provides bytecode instrumentation to gather metrics and perform automatic Context propagation on your behalf, both on the client and server side.

Adding the Module

Supported releases and dependencies are shown below.

kamon-akka-http status jdk scala akka
2.0.2 stable 1.8+ 2.11, 2.12, 2.13 2.5.x
kamon-akka-http-2.4 status jdk scala akka
1.1.2 stable 1.8+ 2.11, 2.12 2.4.x

To get started with SBT add the following to your build.sbt or pom.xml file:

libraryDependencies += "io.kamon" %% "kamon-akka-http" % "2.0.2"


The kamon-akka-http module requires you to start your application using the Kanela Agent. You can achieve that quickly with the sbt-kanela-runner plugin or take a look at the documentation for other options.


Feel free to ask anything you might need in our Gitter channel or in the mailing list.