kalin-rudnicki / slyce-fp

A flex/bison inspired parser generator for scala.

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A flex/bison inspired parser generator for Scala.

What Slyce provides

As an overview, the main 3 things that Slyce provides are:

  • "slyce-generate" jar
  • "slyce-parse" library
  • "sylce-plugin" plugin

Lets go over these each briefly...

  • "slyce-generate" jar
    • Can be downloaded from the github repository
    • Current latest release is: 2.0.0
    • Command-line utility for generating parsers
    • # generate args help
      java -jar slyce-generate-2.0.0.jar -- generate all --help
      # logger args help
      java -jar slyce-generate-2.0.0.jar --help --
      # basic example usage
      java -jar slyce-generate-2.0.0.jar -s your-project-name/src/main
  • "sylce-plugin" plugin
    • See Adding Slyce as a dependency
    • project
          // ... (other stuff)
          slycePairs += SlyceConfig(SlyceInput.SrcDir, SlyceOutput.SrcDir) // more on this later
    • sbt slyce
  • "slyce-parse" library
    • See Adding Slyce as a dependency
    • You have a choice of if you would rather use the plugin or command line utility, but this one is required. It will be used by the generated files.
    • You don't really need to interact with this at all, as everything is done for you
    • That being said, it might be worth familiarizing yourself with Source,
      as it has a really great ability to display marked up versions of the files you parse.
      (More on this [here-TODO])

Adding Slyce as a dependency

Unfortunately, with the current state of the build, it is borderline impossible for someone else to be able to add Slyce as a dependency without me walking them through the stages of deleting and re-adding to sbt to get it to self-generate.

The good news is that I am currently in the process of trying to be able to publish to sonatype, at which point in will be very easy to add it as a dependency just like you would expect. At that point, I will update this section.