jpzk / kafcache

Kafka Streams + Memcached (e.g. AWS ElasticCache) for low-latency in-memory lookups

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In-memory Kafka Streams state store backends for low latency state store lookups. In the current version only memcached is available.


libraryDependencies += "com.madewithtea" %% "kafcache" % "1.2.0" 

Use Memcached

Memcached does not support binary keys, therefore the byte arraywill be serialized as hex string. For more information on Memcached have a look at its documentation on

  import com.madewithtea.kafcache.MemcachedStoreSupplier

  val store = Stores
      new MemcachedStoreSupplier("state-store-name", "localhost:11211"),
  .withLoggingEnabled(new java.util.HashMap[String, String]())