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SBT plugin for building installers with Install4J

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SBT plugin for building installers with Install4J Install4J


sbt-install4j is available for sbt-1.x.


Import sbt-install4j plugin to use install4j command.

addSbtPlugin("com.github.jpsacha" % "sbt-install4j" % "1.3.1")


Sample use, add following to your build.sbt:

exportJars := true

This will export dependent JARs that will be copied to the installer

install4jProjectFile := "installer/example.install4j"

Available Tasks and Settings

SBT tasks provided by sbt-install4j plugin:

  • install4j : Task - Builds Install4J project. Simple usage from SBT REPL

    sbt> install4j

    It will build project defined in by setting install4jProjectFile

    It can take optional arguments that are passed by to the Install4J compiler. Refer to install4jc documentation in Install4J Help for list of supported command line options. You can print option summary from SBT REPL using

    sbt> install4j --help

    Example of only building windows media type

    sbt> install4j -m windows
  • install4jCopyDependedJars : Task - Copies project dependencies to directory install4jDependedJarsDir

SBT settings provided by sbt-install4j plugin:

  • install4jCopyDependedJarsExclusions : Seq[String] - List of regex expressions that match files that will be excluded from copying.

  • install4jCopyDependedJarsEnabled : Boolean - if true dependent jars will be copies, if false they will be not.

  • install4jcFile : File - Location of the install4j's command line compiler install4jc[.exe]. It can be found in the bin directory of the install4j installation. Default can be set with environment variable INSTALL4JC_FILE.

    install4jcFile := file("C:/Program Files/install4j8/bin/install4jc.exe")
  • install4jProjectFile : String - Relative path to the install4j project file that should be build.

  • install4jDependedJarsDir : String - Location where dependent jars will be copied.

  • install4jExtraOptions : Seq[String] - "Additional command line options passed to the compiler."

  • install4jVerbose : Boolean - Enables verbose mode.

  • install4jRelease : String - Override the application version. Version number components can be alphanumeric and should be separated by dots, dashes or underscores.

  • install4jCompilerVariables : Map[String, String] - Override a compiler variable with a different value. In the map, the key is variable's name, the value is variable's value.

  • install4jHomeDir : File - Deprecated. Install4J installation directory. It assumes that Install4J compiler is in subdirectory bin. Default can be set with environment variable INSTALL4J_HOME. This option is deprecated, use environment variable INSTALL4JC_FILE or setting install4jcFile instead.

Determining location of Install4J compiler

The sbt-install4j executes Install4J compiler. It needs to know its location. It will attempts to determine location base on the OS used. On Windows it is assumed to be:

C:\Program Files\Install4J7\bin\intall4jc.exe

On Mac OS X:


On Linux:


If the Install4J is installed in a different location you can specify location of the compiler using the environment variable INSTALL4JC_FILE or setting install4jcFile. For multi-platform builds it is preferred to use the environment variable INSTALL4JC_FILE.

You can set the environment variable when starting SBT using -D option, for instance:

$ sbt -DINSTALL4JC_FILE="C:/Program Files/install4j8/bin/install4jc.exe"

Tips & Tricks

To see debugging information set SBT logging level to debug:

sbt> debug

Look in the log for lines prefixed with [debug] [sbt-install4j].


sbt-install4j is licensed under Apache 2.0 license.