jodersky / simplesql

A no-frills SQL library for Scala 3

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Simple SQL

A no-frills SQL library for Scala 3.

SimpleSQL is a very thin wrapper around JDBC, which allows you to take full advantage of full SQL and any database with a JDBC driver.

SimpleSQL is not a functional DSL to build SQL queries (I recommend Quill for that, which unfortunately is not yet available for Scala 3), but it does offer safe string interpolation and utilities to work with product types, wich are the natural representation of relational data sets.


import _root_.{simplesql => sq}

// all queries must be run within the context of a connection
sq.transaction("jdbc:sqlite::memory:"){ /* an implicit connection is injected here */

      create table user (
        id integer primary key,
        name string not null,
        email string not null
  )[(Int, String, String)](sql"select * from user")
  sq.write(sql"""insert into user values (1, "admin", "")""")

  // also works with named products, i.e. case classes
  case class User(id: Int, name: String, email: String)[User](sql"select * from user")
  val u = User(2, "admin", "")
  sq.write(sql"""insert into user values ($u)""")


Database connection

All queries must be run on a connection to a database. SimpleSQL models this through a Connection class, which is just a simple wrapper around java.sql.Connection.

A connection may be obtained as a context function through either or simplesql.transaction. Both functions provide a connection, however the latter will automatically roll back any changes, should an exception be thrown in its body.

An in-scope connection also gives access to the sql string intepolator. This interpolator is a utility to build java.sql.PreparedStatements. In other words, it can be used to build injection-safe queries with interpolated parameters. Interpolated parameters may be primitve types (supported by JDBC), or products of these. Products will be flattened into multiple interpolated '?' parameters.

Read Queries

Read queries (i.e. selects) must be run in a read call. A read must have its result type specified. The result type may be any primitive type supported by JDBC ResultSets or a product thereof (including named products, i.e. case classes). Note that products may be nested, in which case they will simply be flattened when reading actual results from a query.

Write Queries

Write queries (i.e. insertions, updates, deletes and table alterations) must be run in a write call.