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Velocypack for Scala

A Scala wrapper for Java VelocyPack. Build

The objective is to allow seamless use with Scala case classes without the need to write boilerplate and error-prone Velocypack serializer/deserializer conversions yourself.


The library is composed by these modules:

- core: encapsulates common behaviours and provides basic vpack formats
- macros: case class format generation using Scala macros 


To use velocypack4s in your project add the following in your build.sbt file:

libraryDependencies += "org.scalamari" %% "velocypack4s-macros" % "0.0.1"

Simple serialization/deserialization with velocypack4s:

import org.scalamari.velocypack4s.core._
import org.scalamari.velocypack4s.macros._
import com.arangodb.velocypack._

case class Foo(bar: String)

val fooSerializer: VPackSerializer[Foo] = serializer[Foo]

val fooDeserializer: VPackDeserializer[Foo] = deserializer[Foo]

object Module extends VPackModule {

  override def setup[C <: VPackSetupContext[C]](context: C): Unit = {
    context.registerSerializer(classOf[Foo], fooSerializer)

    context.registerDeserializer(classOf[Foo], fooDeserializer)



The content of the README file is generated from modules/docs/src/main/tut/

To edit the README file:

  1. Edit modules/docs/src/main/tut/
  2. Run sbt tut
  3. Commit both files.


  • backward/forward compatibility tests