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This library was initially extracted (with permission) from the closed-source ShipReq where it when through many evolutions, and was battled-tested on a real-world, large and complex project. It was ported without git commit history, so please understand that in this case, the low commit count is not an indication of immaturity.

val WebappUtilVer = "<version>"

"com.github.japgolly.webapp-util" %%% "protocol"            % WebappUtilVer
"com.github.japgolly.webapp-util" %%% "protocol-test"       % WebappUtilVer % Test
"com.github.japgolly.webapp-util" %%% "protocol-circe"      % WebappUtilVer
"com.github.japgolly.webapp-util" %%% "protocol-circe-test" % WebappUtilVer % Test


  • The protocol module:

    • japgolly.webapputil.protocol.general

      • ErrorMsg - typed error message, with some util and predefined cases
      • EscapeUtil - functions for escaping strings
      • LazyVal - A lightweight lazy val as a portable value
      • Protocol - abstract definitions of protocols
      • ServerSideProcInvoker - abstract and invokable representation of a server-side procedure (JS only)
      • Url - types for URLs
    • japgolly.webapputil.protocol.ajax

      • AjaxProtocol - protocol for an AJAX endpoint
      • AjaxClient - means for a client to perform AJAX calls (JS only)
    • japgolly.webapputil.protocol.binary

      • BinaryData - immutable representation of BinaryData
      • BinaryJs - functions for conversion between various JS binary data types (JS only)
    • japgolly.webapputil.protocol.entrypoint

      • EntrypointDef - definition of a JS app entrypoint
      • Entrypoint - abstract class for a JS app entrypoint (JS only)
      • EntrypointInvoker - generate JS to invoke an entrypoint (JVM only)
      • Html - HTML content (JVM only)
      • Js - JavaScript code (and some utilities) (JVM only)
      • LoadJs - define a bundle of JS assets to be loaded via loadjs before entrypoint invocation (JVM only)
    • japgolly.webapputil.protocol.http

      • HttpClient - an abstract HTTP (invocation) client
      • UrlEncoder - cross-platform URL encoding and decoding
  • The protocol-test module:

    • japgolly.webapputil.protocol.test
      • BinaryTestUtil - utilities for testing binary data
      • TestAjaxClient - an AjaxClient instance for use in tests (JS only)
      • TestHttpClient - a HttpClient instance for use in tests
  • The protocol-circe module:

    • japgolly.webapputil.protocol.circe
      • JsonAjaxClient - implementation of AjaxClient that uses JSON and JsonCodec (JS only)
      • JsonCodec - composition of Circe's Encoder and Decoder into a single typeclass
      • JsonEntrypointCodec - creates instances of EntrypointDef.Codec using Circe codecs
      • JsonUtil - utilities to supplement Circe
  • The protocol-circe-test module:

    • japgolly.webapputil.protocol.circe.test
      • JsonTestUtil - utilities to test JSON codecs
      • TestJsonAjaxClient - implementation of TestAjaxClient that uses JSON and JsonCodec (JS only)


  • Add ScalaDoc and proper doc
  • Port websocket stuff
  • Port webstorage stuff
  • Port SafePickler and related


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