jackadull / scala-parent

A parent POM for Scala development in a Maven project.



A simple parent POM to use for Scala development with Maven. Uses Scala 2.12.6.

Uses Scalatest to execute tests under src/test/scala.

Uses JDK 1.9 as target format.


Inside your module's POM:


Useful properties

  • ${version.language.scala}: full Scala version. (Value: 2.12.6)
  • ${version.language.scala.compat}: only the major and minor Scala version. (Value: 2.12) Appended to typical SBT artifact IDs, separated with an underscore, e.g. scalatest_2.12


This is only for Jackadull internals who want to release a new version of this to Sonatype.

In order for the deployment configuration to not be always active in all child modules, all deployment-specific information in the POM was put into the profile jackadull-release. Therefore, new versions must be deployed with the command:

mvn -P jackadull-release clean deploy