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A type-safe wrapper around the afs command suite for Scala.

Latest scaladoc documentation


Add the following dependency to your build.sbt:

libraryDependencies += "pt.tecnico.dsi" %% "afs" % "0.0.2"

We use semantic versioning.


afs uses typesafe-config.

The reference.conf file has the following keys:

afs {


Alternatively you can pass your Config object to the afs constructor, or subclass the Settings class for a mixed approach. The scaladoc of the Settings class has examples explaining the different options.

How to test afs

In the project root run ./ This script will run docker-compose up inside the docker-afs folder. Be sure to have vagrant

Note on the docker-afs folder

This folder is a git fake submodule to the docker-kerberos repository.


afs is open source and available under the MIT license.