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IronCore Labs IronOxide Java SDK

SDK for using IronCore Labs from your Java server side applications. This library is a thin Rust shim that wraps the Rust SDK and uses the Rust Swig toolset to generate JNI bindings to make it callable from the JVM.



Download the appropriate binary for your operating system on the releases page. .so for Linux or .dylib for OSX.

If you encounter issues related to linked libraries, you may be able to get a working library built for your system by building from source.

This binary should be placed in your Java library path, either by adding it to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH or the -Djava.library.path JVM option, and can then be loaded by calling:


Java SDK

The SDK is published to Maven.


All the SDK classes can be imported from the com.ironcorelabs.sdk namespace.


Further documentation is available on our docs site.

Build from Source


From the root of this repository run cargo build. The resulting java directory will have the JNI binding code for the Java side and target/debug or target/release will have the dynamic library file you need to pull into your Java code. It will be or libironoxide_java.dylib depending on your environment. This library will only work on the architecture from which it was built.

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