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Scala-based DSLink implementation for Apache Spark

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A Scala-based DSLink implementation for Apache Spark.


  • DSAReceiver class for communicating with DSA broker.


Spark Streaming

To start streaming data from one or more DSA nodes, use StreamingContext.receiverStream() method.

val sc = new SparkContext(...)
val ssc = new StreamingContext(sc, ...)
val stream = ssc.receiverStream(new DSAReceiver(path1, path2, ..., pathN))  

where path1, path2, ..., pathN are paths in the DSA tree.

The type of the returned stream will be DStream[(String, Date, Any)] with the elements as:

  1. The node path
  2. The time of the last update
  3. The updated value

If you want stream flow to publish the updates in the node tree, use DSAConnector.updateNode() method:

stream foreachRDD (_ foreach { point =>
	DSAHelper.updateNode(path1, point.x)
	DSAHelper.updateNode(path2, point.y)

All paths should be relative to the owner's DSLink's root node.