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scalawiki is an experimental MediaWiki client in Scala on early stages of development.

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Why another client library for MediaWiki?

I didn't know any Java client that supported generators (fetching properties from articles listed by list query in a single request). JWBF [only recently] ( got the ability to query more than 1 page at a time.

When Wikipedia sites are real Big Data it is just a show stopper. Fetching information about Wiki Loves Monuments uploads in such ineffective way will take almost a day even for one country, when could be done in several minutes otherwise in batches.

This library uses Scala Futures for easy job parallelization.


  • Fully support MediaWiki API
  • Support different backends - MediaWiki API, xml dumps, MediWiki database. Support copying data between backends (importing and exporting xml dumps to database, storing data retrived by MediaWiki API to xml dumps or database).
  • Good test coverage