imrafaelmerino / optics-json-values

A set of lenses, prisms and optionals to work with json-scala-values using the library monocle

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This is an optional dependency of json-values to work with optics. Optics solve a lot of very common data-manipulation problems in a composable and concise way. This library uses monocle library and I didn't want to be optionated about anything in json-values, that's why I decided to maintain all the predefined optics in another repo and library.



It requires Scala 2.13:


libraryDependencies += "com.github.imrafaelmerino" % "optics-json-values" % "0.4"



libraryDependencies += "com.github.imrafaelmerino" %% "optics-dotty-json-values" % "0.21.0-RC1"

Code wins arguments

import JsObj
import value.Preamble._

val obj = JsObj("name" -> "Rafael",
                "age" -> 30,
                "address" -> JsObj("city" -> "Madrid",
                                   "location" -> JsArray(49.445,38.989)


A Prism is an optic used to select part of a Sum type, in our case, one of the types of JsValue.

import JsStrOptics.toJsStr
// toJsStr :: Prism[JsValue,String]

val toLowerCase = toJsStr.modify(_.toLowerCase)
// JsValue => JsValue

val trim = toJsStr.modify(_.trim)
// JsValue => JsValue

val isNotEmpty = toJsStr.exist(_ != "")
// JsValue => JsValue

// prism and map/filter are good friends:

obj map toLowerCase

obj map trim

obj filter isNotEmpty 

// composing prism

import monocle.std.string.stringToInt
// monocle.Prism[String,Int]

val jsStrToInt = toJsStr composePrism stringToInt
// monocle.Prism[JsValue,Int]

// Option[Int] = Some(100)

Lenses focuses a single piece of data within a larger structure. In our case, a JsValue withing a Json object or array. A Lens must never fail to get or modify that focus. If you're an user of json-values, you may know the special type JsNothing. It has two properties that make possible to define lawful lenses:

  • When getting a value, JsNothing is returned if the element is not found:
obj("c" / "d") == JsNothing
  • If JsNothing is inserted at a path where a value exists, it is removed:
obj.inserted("name",JsNothing)("name") == JsNothing

Implementing accessors with lenses:

import JsObjOptics.accesor          

val name = accessor("name")                
// name: monocle.Lens[JsObj,JsValue]

val city = accessor("address" / "city")                
// city: monocle.Lens[JsObj,JsValue] 

val latitude = accessor("address" / "location" / 0)                
// latitude: monocle.Lens[JsObj,JsValue]

val longitude = accessor("address" / "location" / 1)                
// longitude: monocle.Lens[JsObj,JsValue]

If you prefer working with more specific types than JsValue, an Optional per type can
be defined composing lenses and prisms. Optionals are like lenses but the element that the Optional focuses on may not exist. For example, getting a string from a Json can fail if no element is found or it's not a string:

import value.JsStrOptics.toJsStr
import value JsObjOptics.accessor

val name = accessor("name") 

val maybeName = name composePrism toJsStr
// monocle.Optional[JsObj,String]

// Some("Rafael")

// composing optionals

// Some("RAFAEL")