ibm-watson-data-lab / ibmos2spark

Facilitates Data I/O between Spark and IBM Object Storage services.



The ibmos2spark library facilitates data read/write connections between Apache Spark clusters and the various IBM Object Storage services.

IBM Object Storage Services

Object Storage Documentation


  • Apache Spark with stocator library

The easiest way to install the stocator library with Apache Spark is to pass the Maven coordinates at launch. Other installation options are described in the stocator documentation.

Apache Spark at IBM

The stocator and ibmos2spark libraries are pre-installled and available on


The library is implemented for use in Python, R and Scala/Java.


This library only does two things.

  1. Uses the SparkContext.hadoopConfiguration object to set the appropriate keys to define a connection to an object storage service.
  2. Provides the caller with a URL to objects in their object store, which are typically passed to a SparkContext object to retrieve data.

Example Usage

The following code demonstrates how to use this library in Python and connect to the Cloud Object Storage service, described in the far left pane of the image above.

import ibmos2spark

credentials = {
  'auth_url': '',  #your URL might be different
  'project_id': '',
  'region': '',
  'user_id': '',
  'username': '',
  'password': '',

configuration_name = 'my_bluemix_objectstore'  #you can give any name you like

bmos = ibmos2spark.bluemix(sc, credentials, configuration_name)  #sc is the SparkContext instance

container_name = 'some_name'
object_name = 'file_name'

data_url = bmos.url(container_name, object_name)

data = sc.textFile(data_url)