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slf4s is a library providing convenient and performant logging for Scala 3. It piggybacks on SLF4J and it automagically applies the check-enabled-idiom thanks to Scala 3 metaprogramming.

In a nutshell, you can invoke logging methods like info without checking whether the respective log level is enabled, because that exact check is handled for you by the compiler:

val expensive = "expensive"
val logger = Logger(getClass)
logger.info(s"I am an $expensive log message!") // unnecessary String interpolation?

The compiler will – more or less – create the following code for you:

if (logger.isInfoEnabled)
  logger.info(s"I am an $expensive log message!")

So if the respective log level is not enabled, the potentially expensive construction of the log message will not happen, even though you do not have to spend any efforts on that.

Further slf4s makes it easy to work with MDCs (a.k.a. context maps):

withMDC("key1" -> "value1", "key2" -> "value2") {
  logger.info("Some message")
  logger.info("Some other message")

The withMDC method takes one or more MDC entries (key-value-pairs) and a block of code. Within that block the key-value-pairs are put on the MDC and removed afterwards even in the case of an exception.

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