This is a very little library providing a workaround for an issue with PatternCS.ask. Only needed until the issue is fixed in Akka.

Dependency configuration

  • Group ID: rocks.heikoseeberger
  • Artifact ID: explicit-ask
  • Version: 1.0.0


Here's a snippet from the tests which hopefully is self explanatory:

final String expected = "hello";

final ActorRef echo = system.actorOf(Props.create(Echo.class));
final CompletionStage<String> response = ExplicitAsk
                replyTo -> new Echo.Message(expected, replyTo),
                Timeout.apply(1, SECONDS))
        .thenApply(o -> (String)o);

final String actual = response.toCompletableFuture().get(1, SECONDS);
assertEquals(expected, actual);

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