hohonuuli / scilube

Science libraries for Scala

Version Matrix


Documentation at http://hohonuuli.github.io/scilube

This project is built using SBT

Useful SBT commands for this project

  • checkVersions: Show dependency updates
  • clean
  • cleanall: Does clean and clean-files
  • compile or ~compile (continuous)
  • console: Opens a scala console that includes the projects dependencies and code on the classpath
  • dependency-graph: Shows an ASCII dependency graph
  • dependencyUpdates: Show dependency updates
  • doc: Generate Scaladoc into target/api
  • export fullClasspath: Generate the classpath needed to run the project
  • install
  • ivy-report: build a report of dependencies using ivy in XML (viewable in a browser)
  • offline: Use SBT offline
  • pack: Builds a standalone distribution of this project under target/pack
  • package: Creates the main artifact (e.g. a jar) under target
  • publish-local or ~publish-local (continous): Publish to the local maven repo
  • reload: Reloads the build. Useful if you edit build.sbt.
  • show ivy-report: Show the location of the dependency report
  • show update: Show dependencies and indicate which were evicted
  • tasks -V: Shows all available tasks/commands
  • test or ~test (continuous)
  • update-classifiers: Download sources and javadoc for all dependencies
  • version-report: Shows a flat listing of all dependencies in this project, including transitive ones.

To run main class using SBT to launch it

`sbt 'run-main org.mbari.foo.Main' `

To run a single test

`sbt 'test-only org.mbari.foo.ExampleSpec' `