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Play library to provide common language support and switching functionality for Play projects.


This library adds a new endpoint:

 /language/:lang     - Switches the current language to the lang, if defined in languageMap.


Add the library to the project dependencies:

resolvers += Resolver.bintrayRepo("hmrc", "releases")
libraryDependencies += "" %% "play-language" % "[INSERT VERSION]"

Configuration - Play-2.3 (version 2.2.0)

Create your own custom LanguageController:

object CustomLanguageController extends LanguageController with RunMode {
  /** Converts a string to a URL, using the route to this controller. **/
  def langToCall(lang: String): Call = controllers.routes.CustomLanguageController.switchToLanguage(lang)

  /** Provides a fallback URL if there is no referer in the request header. **/
  override protected def fallbackURL: String = current.configuration.getString(s"$env.language.fallbackUrl").getOrElse("/")

  /** Returns a mapping between strings and the corresponding Lang object. **/
  override def languageMap: Map[String, Lang] = Map("english" -> Lang("en"),
                                                    "cymraeg" -> Lang("cy-GB"))

Add the following to the application conf file for each language you support:


Add the following to your application's custom routes file.

GET     /language/:lang String)

When you want to show a language switch to the user, use the language selection template.

@language_selection(CustomLanguageController.languageMap, CustomLanguageController.langToCall, Some("custom-class"))

Add an implicit Lang object to each view you wish to support multiple languages.

@()(implicit lang: Lang)

Configuration - Play-2.5 (version 3.0.0)

Create your own custom LanguageController:


import javax.inject.Inject
import play.api.Application
import play.api.i18n.MessagesApi

class LanguageSwitchController @Inject()(val appConfig: FrontendAppConfig, override implicit val messagesApi: MessagesApi, implicit val app: Application)
  extends LanguageController with RunMode {

  def langToCall(lang: String) = appConfig.routeToSwitchLanguage

  // Replace with a suitable fallback or read it from config
  override protected def fallbackURL: String = routes.IndexController.onPageLoad().url

  override def languageMap = appConfig.languageMap

Add the following to the application conf file for each language you support:

play.i18n.langs = ["en", "cy"]

Add the following to your application's custom routes file.

GET     /language/:lang String)

Add the following to your AppConfig trait.

  def languageMap: Map[String, Lang] = Map(
    "english" -> Lang("en"),
    "cymraeg" -> Lang("cy"))

  def routeToSwitchLanguage = (lang: String) => routes.LanguageSwitchController.switchToLanguage(lang)

  val languageTranslationEnabled: Boolean

And the following to the FrontendAppConfig class that extends that trait:

  override lazy val languageTranslationEnabled =

To show the language toggles, place this in your Twirl templates (typically inside the @mainContentHeader section in govuk_wrapper.scala.html)

    @if(appConfig.languageTranslationEnabled) {

In order to show each language text to the user, create a messages.xx file within /conf, where xx is the language code, and put your translations within there, using the same message keys.

There is also a feature toggle for the language switcher. If you wish to disable this feature, add the following to your application.conf file:


This code is open source software licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.