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A health monitor endpoint for Play applications

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#Play Health Plugin

Apache-2.0 license

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Plugin to provide common health check functionality for Play +2.2.3 projects.


This adds two endpoints:

     /ping/ping     - Returns 200 and an empty body
	 /admin/details - Returns information about the running service


Add the jar to the projects dependencies:

    "" %% "play-health" % "[INSERT VERSION]"

For Java 7 use versions <= 0.8.0

Add plugin to play.plugins:


Additionally, add the following to the routes file:

    ->     /                                    health.Routes


The plugin expects to find the apps name in the application.conf under the key appName. For the /admin/details endpoint to work as expected, the applications must include a key Implementation-Title with the same value as appName.


This code is open source software licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.