#Play Breadcrumb Plugin

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Plugin to provide commom breadcrumb model and template tag


Add the jar to the projects dependencies:

    "uk.gov.hmrc" %% "play-breadcrumb" % "[INSERT VERSION]"

Add plugin to play.plugins:


##Code Example

The model consists of:

+------------+           +----------------+
| Breadcrumb |<>---------| BreadcrumbItem |
+------------+           +----------------+
| +items     |           | +text          |
+------------+           | +url           |

You must first implement BreadcrumbFactory's buildBreadcrumb method. A naive example which assumes a 1:1 mapping between request path and breadcrumb items could be:

    trait MyBreadcrumbFactory extends BreadcrumbFactory {

      implicit override def buildBreadcrumb(implicit request: Request[_]): Breadcrumb = {
        val links = Map(
          "app"     -> BreadcrumbItem("Home",    routes.ApplicationController.index().url),
          "account" -> BreadcrumbItem("Account", routes.ApplicationController.account().url)
        try {
          val items = request.path.split("/").filter(!_.isEmpty).map(key => links(key)).toList
        } catch {
          case e: NoSuchElementException => Breadcrumb(Nil)


Of course your implementation may be as complex as you like.

The next step is to have your controller extend your BreadcrumbFactory, and make sure your actions use an implicit Request:

    class MyController extends MyBreadcrumbFactory {

      def index = Action { implicit request =>

Then pass an implicit breadcrumb to your template(s) and render the breadcrumbTag where you want your breadcrumb to appear. The controller will

    @()(implicit breadcrumb: uk.gov.hmrc.play.breadcrumb.model.Breadcrumb)



    Hello, this is the index page!



This code is open source software licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.