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This microservice retrieves and writes data from/to a HoD system called NPS, for updating benefits/ expenses and excluding/ rescinding individual employees. The frontend service this interacts with is pbik-frontend.


This service is written in Scala and Play, so needs at least a JRE to run.


Path Method
/epaye/:year/getbenefittypes GET
/epaye/:empRef/:year GET
/epaye/:empRef/:year/:ibdtype/exclusion GET
/epaye/:empRef/:year/updatebenefittypes POST
/epaye/:empRef/:year/:ibdtype/exclusion/update POST
/epaye/:empRef/:year/:ibdtype/exclusion/remove POST


This service requires configuration for other services, for example NPS requires:

Key Description
microservice.services.nps-hod.protocol The protocol of the NPS service
microservice.services.nps-hod.host The host of the NPS service
microservice.services.nps-hod.port The port of the NPS service


In the context of this application we use the following acronyms and define their meanings. Provided you will also find a web link to discover more about the systems and technology.

  • API: Application Programming Interface

  • HoD: Head of Duty

  • JRE: Java Runtime Environment

  • JSON: JavaScript Object Notation

  • NI: National Insurance

  • NINO: National Insurance Number

  • NPS: National Insurance and Pay As You Earn Service

  • URL: Uniform Resource Locator


This code is open source software licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.