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Inheritance Tax Frontend Service

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A digital service enabling the general public to report details of an estate to HMRC so they can identify if there is any Inheritance Tax to pay and to allow them to then apply for probate.


This is a scala based application using the Play framework and html and javascript. You will therefore need to have a JRE installed and setup.


The user logs in via the Government Gateway service.

How to run the service

You will need to clone the project first then navigate to the main folder and run the following sbt command sbt "run 9070". You may need to add the '-mem 4096' switch after sbt so the command would look like sbt -mem 4048 "run 9070".

You will also need the IHT Microservice to run on port 9071 in the same way as above.




This code is open source software licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.