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A frontend service which provides help pages

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A frontend service which provides help pages including cookies, T&C's and privacy policy.

Run the application

To run the application execute

sbt run

and then access the application at


Running unit tests

sbt test

Running accessibility tests

sbt a11y:test

The above tests are run via the sbt-accessibility-linter plugin. This plugin requires Node.js v12 or above to be installed locally.

Running the UI acceptance/integration tests

The UI and ZAP tests are based on the template at with some modifications to allow them to be run as part of the microservice repository.

To run the UI acceptance tests locally, you will need a copy of Chrome and the Chrome browser driver installed at /usr/local/bin/chromedriver


The Chrome driver is available at

Running ZAP scan locally

To run the ZAP scan, use the Docker helper supplied by dast-config-manager (

Follow the following steps:

  1. Clone the repo at:
  2. Enable port forwarding: export ZAP_FORWARD_ENABLE="true"
  3. Configure port forwarding: export ZAP_FORWARD_PORTS=6001
  4. In the dast-config-manager directory, start the ZAP docker container: make local-zap-running
  5. In the help-frontend directory, run the acceptance tests with ZAP proxying: sbt -Dbrowser=chrome -Dzap.proxy=true acceptance:test
  6. In the dast-config-manager directory, stop the ZAP docker container: make local-zap-stop

Information about the local ZAP test output can be found at


We are using scalafmt to auto-format all Scala and SBT code. This is enforced in CI. We recommend configuring your IDE to auto-format on save. Alternatively, run the following command before opening a PR:

sbt scalafmtAll scalafmtSbt


This code is open source software licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.