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The Childcare Calculator email capture process enables the user of the Childcare Calculator to record their interest in receiving future information updates, when Tax Free Childcare or additional free childcare hours becomes available.

The user records their request for more information from the results page of the Childcare calculator. The page presented, allows the user to add their email address and optionally to record their child's date of birth.

The email address, Child's date of birth and a free hours entitlement indicator will be held on a Mongo database.

Prior to the email address being recorded, it is passed to the HMRC Email Service to validate if the address is genuine. If it is genuine, the data will be recorded and an email will be fired off to the user from the HMRC Email service(HMRC Email Service documentation), stating that their request has been saved.

If there is an issue with the validation of the email address which has been input, an error message will be presented on the page, asking for the user to re-enter a genuine email address.

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All requests are of type POST.


This code is open source software licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.