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CC Eligibility

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The Childcare Eligibility will help parents to quickly self-assess their and child's eligibility from Tax-Free Childcare, Tax Credits, Employer-Supported Childcare and
understand how much support they could get. This will help parents to make a decision on which scheme will best suit their needs.

The Eligibility micro-service common to all the schemes (Tax, Credit, Tax-Free Childcare, Employee Supported Childcare) of childcare calculator.

The service will accept the parent details and children details as input request in json format and returns whether the scheme, parent and/or children are eligible to apply in a json format.

  • Endpoint URLs

    • TC : /cc-eligibility/tax-credits/eligibility

    • ESC : /cc-eligibility/employer-vouchers/eligibility

    • TFC : /cc-eligibility/tax-free-childcare/eligibility

  • Port Number

    • CC Eligibility : 9375
  • Method:

    All requests are of type POST

For TC Eligibility documentation, please click here.

For ESC Eligibility documentation, please click here.

For TFC Eligibility documentation, please click here.


This code is open source software licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.