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Agents External Stubs Frontend


This microservice is part of Agent Services local testing framework, providing necessary UI stubs complementing API stubs in agents-external-stubs.

This app SHOULD NOT be run on QA nor Production environment.

How requests to the stubbed UIs are handled?

To handle requests aimed at stubbed frontend microservices we provide necessary TCP proxies:

  • listening on 9025 for company-auth-frontend requests

You can switch this behaviour off by setting proxies.start config property to false.

Data Model

Every stubbed user and other data live is some test sandbox (planet). You have to declare existing or a new planet whenever you sign-in. Each authenticated session have planetId information. Stubbed and custom UIs will consider only users and data assigned to the current planet.

User authentication expires after 15 minutes and so does the bearer token. All users and other data on each planet are removed after 12h unless marked as permanent.

Stubbed UIs

BAS Gateway Frontend

GET /bas-gateway/sign-in

Initiates the login journey, eventually creating an authenticated MDTP session

GET /bas-gateway/sso-sign-in

Initiates the sso login flow for BAS through MDTP

GET /bas-gateway/sign-out-without-state

GET /bas-gateway/sign-out-with-state

GET /bas-gateway/register

Sends the user to register a new SCP account

Company Auth Frontend

GET /gg/sign-in?continue=:continueUrl&accountType=:accountType&origin=:origin

Shows login page.

POST /gg/sign-in?continue=:continueUrl&accountType=:accountType&origin=:origin

Submits user's credentials, creates session and redirects to the provided continue URL

Identity Verification Frontend

GET /mdtp/uplift?origin=:origin&confidenceLevel=:confidenceLevel&completionURL=:completionURL&failureURL=:failureURL

Shows an identity verification page for the IV "uplift" journey, offering the choice of either a successful or unsuccessful IV journey outcome.

POST /mdtp/uplift?origin=:origin&confidenceLevel=:confidenceLevel&completionURL=:completionURL&failureURL=:failureURL

Submits the desired outcome of the identity verification "uplift" journey. If a successful outcome was chosen, this will increase the confidence level of the current user to the provided confidence level and redirect to the provided completion URL. If an unsuccessful outcome was chosen, this will just redirect to the provided failure URL.

Custom UI

GET /agents-external-stubs/user

Shows current user auth settings

GET /agents-external-stubs/user/edit

Displays form to edit current user auth settings

POST /agents-external-stubs/user/edit

Submits amended user auth settings

Running the tests

sbt test it:test

Running the tests with coverage

sbt clean coverageOn test it:test coverageReport

Running the app locally



sbt run

It should then be listening on ports 9099 and 9025

browse http://localhost:9099/


This code is open source software licensed under the Apache 2.0 License