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This is a frontend microservice for Agent Client Authorisation.

Invitations service currently provides these functions:

  • Agent can create an invitation to represent a client for specific tax regime.
  • Client can accept or decline agent's invitation.

Note: Currently this service supports ITSA invitations only.


Running Tests

    sbt test it:test

Running the app locally requires a number of services using this profile

    sm --start AGENT_MTD -f

or to run by itself

    sbt run

It should run at port 9448

Stop local upstream services

sm --stop AGENT_MTD


All Endpoints require Authentication.

For Agents

Start Page for Agents:

GET   	/invitations/agents/

For Clients

Start Page for Clients:

GET     /invitations/{invitationId}


This code is open source software licensed under the Apache 2.0 License